The Evolution: A Journey Through the History of Cinema in Hollywood

The mention of Hollywood invokes images of glitz, glamour, and cinematic excellence. For over a century, this iconic district in Los Angeles has been synonymous with the global film industry. The history of cinema in Hollywood is a tale of innovation, creativity, and cultural transformation that has shaped the way we experience storytelling through the lens.

Inception and the Silent

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Michelle Agins on Perseverance and Photographing Martin

Michelle Agins standing across the street from her home in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, photographed by Briana Ellis-Gibbs (photo Briana Ellis-Gibbs/Hyperallergic)

At the age of about ten years old, photographer Michelle Agins stood with her grandmother in the South Side of Chicago waiting for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to come to her neighborhood. Wearing her grandfather’s cap with handwritten a sign

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US Researchers Confirm 98% of Cultural Armenian Heritage

A yearlong investigation by a team of scholars affiliated with Cornell and Purdue universities has documented a pattern of deliberate obliteration of Armenian cultural heritage in Nakhichevan, a historically Armenian region that became part of Azerbaijan following the Sovietization of the republics of Armenia and Azerbaijan between 1920 and 1921. The new report by the Caucasus Heritage Watch (CHW) identified

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Hyperallergic’s Journalism Fellowship for Curators

We asked Dall-e, the AI that generates digital images based on words, to generate an image based on “art gallery exhibition in electronic form” and this is what we got (we tried “email art exhibition” and let’s just say the results were underwhelming). (image via Dall-e)

With the support of the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation, we’re pleased to announce this

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Artist Adopted by Dakota Family Resigns From Project Amid

A young Dakota-speaking artist who won a prestigious commission to design public art in downtown Minneapolis resigned from the project following controversy within the city’s Native community, culminating in a formal complaint that alleged he had practiced cultural appropriation filed in April. Inkpa Mani, the artist at the center of the dispute, insists that his engagement with Dakota culture and

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Atlanta Brewing Company moving to Underground later this

Atlanta Brewing Company President and CEO Alton Shields, left, with Underground Atlanta owner Shaneel Lalani on Upper Alabama Street.

Underground Atlanta owner Lalani Ventures has announced that Georgia’s first craft brewery, Atlanta Brewing Company, will relocate to the Downtown district later this year. 

Atlanta Brewing Company will transform the old Atlanta Visitors Center on Upper Alabama Street into an activated

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‘New Day’ Mural Unveiled at Bethesda Parking Garage

The Woodmont Corner public parking garage in Downtown Bethesda has a new look.

New Day, a mural on the Old Georgetown Road side of the garage, was unveiled Tuesday morning at a ceremony featuring local leaders and the artist himself, The Jah One, a Montgomery County resident.

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$100,000 in grants go to 10 Atlanta arts groups in a mix of

“This model allows cities like Atlanta to harness and amplify the creativity unique to their own communities,” he says. “I have seen this model foster local pride over and over again.”

In a time of often fluctuating support for the arts, the challenge says Fredalyn M. Frasier, the project director for planning and urban design for Central Atlanta Progress and

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