Modern Fashion Online Business

Fashion Online In the dynamic landscape of commerce, the concept of business stands as a beacon of innovation, enterprise, and economic transformation. Within this intricate realm, the emergence of the online clothing business has reshaped the very fabric of retail, marrying technological prowess with sartorial artistry. In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the multifaceted tapestry of business, unraveling … Read More

Create a Compelling Narrative for Your Business

Create a Compelling Narrative for Your Business and Connect with Customers. In today’s crowded marketplace, it’s essential for businesses to create a compelling narrative that resonates with their audience. A strong narrative can help differentiate your brand from competitors and build an emotional connection with your customers. However, crafting a narrative that effectively communicates your brand’s values, mission, and purpose … Read More

Introducing Your New Business Network: The Internet

Your new business network it’s a five-alarm fire for your business, with critical applications knocked offline and operations grinding to a halt. Your top engineers are working furiously to fix the outage, poring over every part of the business network. The problem: Your “business network” is no longer confined to the corporate local- and wide-area network (LAN/WAN). Even basic IT … Read More

Schedule for Week of September 18, 2022

by Calculated Risk on 9/17/2022 08:11:00 AM

The key reports this week are August Housing Starts and Existing Home sales.

The FOMC meets this week and is expected to raise rates 75 bp.

—– Monday, Sept 19th —–

10:00 AM: The September NAHB homebuilder survey. The consensus is for a reading of 47, down from 49 in August. Any

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Calculated Risk: Predicting the Next Recession

In that 2013 post, I wrote:

The next recession will probably be caused by one of the following (from least likely to most likely):

3) An exogenous event such as a pandemic, significant military conflict, disruption of energy supplies for any reason, a major natural disaster (meteor strike, super volcano, etc), and a number of other low probability reasons.

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Early Look at 2023 Cost-Of-Living Adjustments and Maximum

by Calculated Risk on 9/13/2022 08:48:00 AM

The BLS reported this morning:

The Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers (CPI-W) increased 8.7
percent over the last 12 months to an index level of 291.629 (1982-84=100). For the month,
the index declined 0.2 percent prior to seasonal adjustment.

CPI-W is the index that is used to calculate

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Mortgage Applications Decrease in Latest Weekly Survey

by Calculated Risk on 9/14/2022 07:00:00 AM

From the MBA: Mortgage Applications Decrease in Latest MBA Weekly Survey

Mortgage applications decreased 1.2 percent from
one week earlier, according to data from the Mortgage Bankers Association’s (MBA) Weekly Mortgage
Applications Survey for the week ending September 9, 2022. This week’s results include an adjustment
for the observance of Labor Day.

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Experts: How Do I Come Up With a Successful Business Idea?

Dreamy woman podring while working on journalistic publication sitting with notebook in cafe,thoughtful female student in eyewear doing homework task solving problems and analyzing information.

GaudiLab / Getty Images/iStockphoto

You may have the entrepreneurial spirit but not know exactly what kind of business you want to start. Whether you plan to sell a product or offer a service, it’s important to know whether whatever idea you plan to pursue is actually viable.

Here It Is: Our 2022 Small Business Spotlight
Find Out: 9 Bills You

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