Tips for Calculating Home Renovation Costs

Home Renovation Costs When renovating a house, of course, you have to consider many things. One of them is planning related to renovation costs. Because without a good budget plan, costs will swell. Home renovation projects are one of the solutions that homeowners often choose instead of having to move to a new house. Renovations can be done for various reasons, including because the condition of the house is no longer proper or even just to beautify and add to the comfort of the house.

But after all, the cost of even a simple renovation will require a large budget.

The cost of repairing a two-story house will be more expensive than if you want to change a house that is only one floor into two floors. Plan Home Renovations From Scratch Basically, a house can be renovated in stages, where only part of it is renovated. Or, the house is completely renovated.

For costs, of course, adjusted to financial conditions. For example, if the roof often leaks when it rains, then you can fix that part. The amount that must be paid to repair a leaky roof is certainly not too high, especially if the renovation is done by yourself.

The amount of home renovation costs is certainly related to financial conditions, so it is very important to plan this project properly. Don’t let the goal of having a comfortable home make you dizzy with lots of bills in the future. In addition, careful planning will also ensure a successful home renovation, because the house will be completed on time. Be sure to schedule renovation projects and estimate home renovation costs well and efficiently from the start.

Calculating Home Renovation Costs

Calculating the cost of simple home renovations is something that must be done. This will help make any home improvement project go smoothly.

The following details the cost of renovating the house that you must prepare, including:

1. Land Purchase Price

These costs arise if the renovation of your house simultaneously increases the area of the building and adds land. This means that buying this land will require money. The purchase price of land is also included in the cost of renovating the house to be built.

For example:

the house will be extended 30 meters, while the price of land per meter is IDR 4 million. Then the calculation of the costs required to buy land is as follows: 30 x IDR 4,000,000 = IDR 120,000,000 However, if it turns out that the house will be renovated without increasing the land area, then the fee will be waived once. This also applies if you find that you still have vacant land and can be built on it to expand the house.

2. Builder Fee

Basically, home renovations can be done using freelancers or other working methods. It will be easy, if the owner himself has the main authority to manage or even participate in the renovation of the house itself. Often, home repair costs can be kept cheaper if homeowners can contribute to home renovations. But if you don’t want to be complicated, then use the services of a third party, by wholesale. Where the person will only calculate the cost of the handyman’s services.

The contractor with this type of contract will handle the home renovation from start to finish. This would be better, because the owner doesn’t have to worry about renovation costs getting bloated or unmanageable. Costs for contractors like this will be calculated based on the area of the building being worked on. Generally, the tariff charged by these users is around IDR 1 million – 1.5 million per square meter for a simple house. Meanwhile for other luxury homes, prices will be higher.


If you are renovating a two-story house with a total building area of 100 square meters, then the simple house renovation costs needed to pay for the contractor’s work by way of a contract are as follows: 100 x IDR 2,500,000 = IDR 150,000,000 In addition to the wholesale method as is above, then there is also a total wholesale until you receive the key. This means that the contractor will calculate all material and labor costs during the renovation project.

The cost of repairing a 2 bedroom house with such a structure will be significantly higher. Often masonry and material services use a system like this with a tariff of around Rp. 2.5 million – Rp. 4 million per square meter. However, it always depends on the type and price of the goods that will be used to make it new. The better the quality of the materials used, the greater the subsidized home renovation costs.

3. Material Costs

The cost of purchasing materials is one of the most important factors when considering the cost of renovating a home. Home repair costs and others will be calculated based on the area of the house itself. Standard material costs will cost around IDR 2 million per square meter. For example, if you are renovating a house with an area of 100 square meters, the simple house renovation costs that you need to buy are as follows: 100 x RDI 2,000,000 = RDI 200,000,000

4. Unexpected Expenses (Reserved)

In renovating a house, of course you have to prepare unexpected funds or reserve costs. This is necessary to anticipate cost overruns or other factors that can increase the cost of renovating subsidized houses that have been previously approved. Backup costs are generally 25% of the total home renovation costs. Based on the estimated costs above, the estimated amount of money that must be prepared for home renovations is as follows:

Land purchase price = IDR 120,000,000. Developer Fee = IDR 150,000,000. Property price = IDR 200,000,000. Total amount = IDR 470,000,000 Incidental fees: 25% x IDR 470,000,000 = IDR 117,500,000

Tips for Home Renovation Here are some tips that can be applied when renovating a house:

1. Plan Carefully

Make sure to plan well before you start home renovations. This includes everything, such as: the cost of renovating the house, the choice of materials to be used, if you use the services of a contractor, you must choose a company that has a lot of experience and is reliable.

2. Understand Building Area and Renovation Plans

It is important to understand the size of the house and what needs to be renovated. This of course will also affect the goals and costs of repairing the roof and other parts to be renovated. Don’t forget to adjust this home renovation to your needs, for example by replacing the roof or other important details.

Those are some tips that you can do when you want to renovate a house to make it more comfortable. Without having to make you nervous in the future.